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We urge our patients to regularly visit our office for checkups and exams. By doing so at least twice a year, this allows us to give comprehensive care for existing problems and prevent future ones from cropping up. Our experienced dentist team at QH Dental will professionally clean your teeth and thoroughly examine them to diagnose and eliminate any oral health problems before they become severe.

At each appointment, we will:

  • Clean your teeth and remove plaque buildup or “calculus” that brushing and flossing alone can’t accomplish. If calculus is left untreated, it can result in tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Floss between teeth.
  • Polish rough surfaces of tooth enamel.
  • Closely inspect teeth for symptoms of decay and gums for periodontal disease.

We can also conduct an X-ray examination to give a more thorough look at the teeth and diagnose any problems that can’t be seen from a mere visual inspection. We make a point to use state-of-the-art imaging technology in order to keep safe while getting more accurate images for better diagnosis.

If you have any questions for us or would like to schedule an appointment with our dentist for a dental exam and cleaning in Irvine, California, please call us at 949-823-0006 today to learn more.