Having our dentists apply a dental sealant to your teeth can help you avoid decay and gum disease. Made from a clear or tooth-colored resin, sealants bond to the chewing surfaces of your teeth, creating a smoother, less porous surface that is more difficult for food debris and bacteria to hold onto. Sealants also make your at-home self-care a little more productive, as they are easier to clean than the grooved, uneven surfaces the teeth naturally have. Without food particles lodging into the nooks and crannies of teeth, inviting bacteria and plaque to settle the areas as well, patients with dental sealants have an added layer of protection to keep their teeth safe from premature wear and tear.

Our dentists will normally recommend dental sealants for younger children; however, they can also be used for treating older patients who are prone to cavities and decay. If you have had experience with excessive decay in the past, once those teeth are restored, our dentists might suggest using dental sealants to protect your restored smile from future damage.

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