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Endodontics refers to the treatment of the dental pulp, the living tissues housed in the inner chamber of the tooth. The pulp consists of nerves and blood vessels as well as connective tissues. When injuries, disease or infection reaches the pulp of the tooth, this can be a source of severe pain, also causing oversensitivity of the tooth. If left untreated, this can also cause the tooth itself to die, necessitating its removal.

Endodontic treatments help get the tooth back into working order after the dental pulp has been compromised, whether that be by cavities and decay or through a physical trauma causing an injury to the tooth. We can either fortify a tooth that is nearing pulp damage to preserve the structure of the tooth or remove the infected pulp with a root canal treatment, cleaning and filling the chamber to prevent additional infections in the future.

Endodontics can also treat cracked teeth as well as root infections. Patients often see us for endodontic treatments like apicoectomies, pulpal debridements, pulpotomies and pulp caps.

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