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Dental decay and physical trauma can cause damage to the teeth and mouth. Luckily, our dentist and experienced team can help get your mouth back into prime shape, both functionally and aesthetically, through restorative dentistry. Depending on your specific needs, our dentist will thoroughly examine your teeth to diagnose any issues and may recommend some of the following treatments:

At QH Dental, we treat conditions that require moderate or severe restorations. Our experienced team cares about your continued well-being, especially when it comes to oral health, and we will do what it takes to restore your mouth to its former health, function and beauty. Whether it’s just a dental filling that you need or a complete full-mouth reconstruction, we will create a specific plan tailored to your individual needs and help you achieve your oral health goals. We don’t just give you a beautiful smile, we will also work hard to give you the complete oral health and full function that your mouth needs to give you the happy full life you want to live.

If you are looking for high-quality restorative dentistry in Irvine, California, please give us a call at 949-823-0006 to learn more and set up an appointment.