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Though our dentist and team will make every effort to keep our treatments conservative and noninvasive, sometimes tooth extraction is the most effective means of treatment if a tooth has sustained too much damage to be restored.

Reasons we might suggest a tooth extraction include:

  • Severe tooth infection
  • Decay of tooth structure or the supporting bones
  • Overcrowding

Our dentist and team will thoroughly and carefully examine your mouth to make certain that an extraction is necessary before proceeding. If an extraction is the way to go, we will take care to mitigate your discomfort, both mental and physical, as we know that the loss of a tooth can be generally upsetting. We offer complete post-op instructions to ensure an effective and full recovery while avoiding complications.

Once the tooth has been removed, we will make you aware of all your options for replacing the removed tooth. There are several different options for restoring the function and appearance of your tooth, including a dental bridge, an implant or dentures, depending on the number of teeth that have been extracted.

If you think you may need a tooth extraction in Irvine, California, please call us at 949-823-0006 today to learn more about your treatment options and schedule a consultation with our dentist at QH Dental.